October 2, 2014
Review: An Army of Lovers by Juliana Spahr and David Buuck

By Mary Burger

ArmyLoversKoki and Demented Panda, characters in An Army of Loversby Juliana Spahr and David Buuck, describe themselves as mediocre poets. I’d be more inclined to describe them as discouraged poets or dispirited poets. Glum poets. Koki and Panda are discouraged because, while they believe more than anything in the power of poetry, they have to admit that poetry does not seem to be making a…

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September 15, 2014
Review: Arboreal by Barbara Tomash

Review: Arboreal by Barbara Tomash

By Ann Pelletier

“There was exile all embracing at the center.” This sense of exile pervades Barbara Tomash’s third book of poetry, Arboreal, right from the opening poem (”Light Source”) when a woman recognizes that she is “non-native everywhere in the world.” Throughout the course of the book, we are pulled into a landscape both threatened and threatening. “When the wolves came into the city,”…

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September 11, 2014
Review: Appalachian Night by Mark Jackley

Review: Appalachian Night by Mark Jackley

By Karen Biscopink

AppalachianNightsMinutes after sitting down with Mark Jackley’s new chapbook, Appalachian Night, the power went out in my neighborhood. I completed the required activities: lit our decorative candles; searched for a never-used flashlight, buried somewhere during the recent move; veered between spooky panic and romanticism. Deciding to move forward with my planned reading was a fantastic…

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September 9, 2014
Contributor News: Mara Naselli

Contributor News: Mara Naselli


Congratulations to Mara Naselli (“My Brief Suspension of Judgment in the World of Bad Art,” Issue 5), recipient of a 2014 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer’s Award!

The program – the only national literary awards program of its kind devoted exclusively to women – was created by celebrated novelist Rona Jaffe to identify and support women writers of unusual talent and promise in the early stages of…

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September 8, 2014
Hegira by Adam Morris from the Buenos Aires Review

Hegira by Vivian Abenshushan from the Buenos Aires Review

Slakers shambled along the coasts, the brine in the breeze searing nostrils, lashing cheekbones and the edges of eyelids, whittling parts of faces to skin-wrapped bone. Aside from slits for vision their bodies went draped in canvas and denim, thick twill: fabrics too sturdy for perspiration to mix with the sting in the air. They pushed carts of rags and tarps and funnels and metal drums of…

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September 2, 2014
Joe Wenderoth by Paola Capó-García

“Beautiful, stupid, dangerous, life-saving, corrupting, and perhaps all there is.”

September 2, 2014
Your Impossible Voice #5

Your Impossible Voice #5

Your Impossible Voice #5 Cover

The fall issue of Your Impossible Voice is here with incredible new work from Aaron Shurin, Eugene Lim, Kathleen Jesme, Mary Carroll-Hackett, Fernando Vallejo (translated by Laia García Sánchez and Robert Jackson), Kyle Hemmings, Daniel J. Pizappi, Steve Weiner, Michael Shou-Yung Shum, Rachel Nagelberg, Marianne Villanueva, Nicholas Alexander Hayes, Gerard Sarnat, Nels Hanson, Laura…

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September 2, 2014

Your Impossible Voice is turning one year old! To celebrate this most momentous milestone of literary longevity we are having a reading at Alley Cat Books. On hand will be a cavalcade of contributors to the just released Your Impossible Voice #5.

Thursday, September 25at 7:00pm
Alley Cat Books
3036 24th St,
San Francisco, California 94110

Join Your Impossible Voice and the staff of Alley Cat Books for a truly memorable night of prose and verse emceed by Stephen Beachy and Karen Biscopink, featuring readings by Aaron Shurin, Maureen Alsop, Gillian Conoley, Marianne Villanueva, Rachel Nagelberg, Laia García Sánchez, and more!

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Your Impossible Voice #5 Launch Party Your Impossible Voice is turning one year old! To celebrate this most momentous milestone of literary longevity we are having a reading at Alley Cat Books.

August 26, 2014
Review: With My Dog-Eyes by Hilda Hilst

Review: With My Dog-Eyes by Hilda Hilst

By Josey Foo

DogEyesHilda Hilst wrote With My Dog-Eyes when she was in her fifties. Translator Adam Morris writes in his introduction that as she aged, Hilst increasingly felt that serious provocative literature, literature to “wake people up,” was absent in Brazil, including in her own writing. She felt there was no writing brave enough to properly treat the banalities of modern life with its…

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August 20, 2014
Review: The Gorgeous Nothings by Emily Dickinson

Review: The Gorgeous Nothings by Emily Dickinson

By Maureen Alsop

GorgeousNothingsA particular energy hovers in any visual artist’s studio. Vivid or dank palettes, otherworldly mixtures, the space around the canvas (once the canvas is extracted), various random patterns—splattered paint on the floor, walls, sink. Remnants of a messy, raw, leveling of intention.

These sputters of the “in-between,” the nether counterparts to completion, resonate with an…

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